Alex Alves-Khan

Senior Business Development Manager


  • Drug Product
  • Biologics
  • Small Molecule
  • Cell & Gene Therapy
  • CDMO
  • CRO


Alex is a specialist Senior Business Development Manager focusing on the Biopharma CDMO industry, operating across both Europe and the USA.

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Recent Placements

  • $220k

    Vice President Business Development, Drug Product, NV, USA

  • $195k

    Senior Director Small Molecule Drug Product, PA, USA

  • $195k

    Director Small Molecule Drug Substance, SC, USA

  • $220k

    Director Biologics & Vaccines, CA, USA

  • $265k

    Vice President Business Development, Cell & Gene, GA, USA

  • $180k

    Senior Director Business Development, Biologics, FL, USA

  • $150k

    Senior Manager Sales Business Development, Toronto, Canada

  • $120k

    Manager Business Development Cell & Gene, Boston, MA, USA

  • $115k

    Senior Specialist, Inside Sales, NC, USA

  • $180k

    Senior Manager Business Development Drug Product, PA, USA

  • $130k

    Business Development Manager Drug Substance, NC, USA

  • $200k

    Director Business Development Drug Product, IL, USA

  • €125k

    Business Development Manager Drug Substance, Sweden

  • $200k

    Senior Director Biologics Drug Substance, OH, USA

  • $170k

    Director Business Development Biologics Discovery, TX, USA

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