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​Neurotechnology – in particular Neuromodulation and Brain-Computer Interface – is at the forefront of MedTech innovation. The market has undergone a huge ‘boom’ over the last decade with the rise of several start-ups developing life-changing technologies and challenging the previous dominance of ‘Big Pharma’ in treating neurological indications.

Neurotech can come in many forms; invasive, wearable, software, hardware, non-invasive, monitoring, surgical, diagnostic etc – and offers patients suffering from a wide-range of conditions with a viable treatment option.

 Metric Search are leading specialists across the Neuro space; with long-term established relationships with market-leading manufacturers such as Boston Scientific; through to the exciting start-ups that populate the industry. We hire a range of talent for our clients; from the Engineers who develop the technology - to the clinical and regulatory talent that get the device approved - the commercial talent bringing it to market - all the way through to the CEOs that lead the companies.

The sector is touching more indications each and every day. Current innovation spans across chronic pain, epilepsy, migraine, depression, Parkinson’s, Sleep Apnea, OAB and many more areas.

There is no doubting that Neurotech is one of the world’s most innovative, exciting markets and is filled with exceptional talent. If you want to learn more about the market, reach out to us directly!


Caitlin James

Caitlin James

Business Development Lead

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