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The FemTech market encompasses any form of technology that aims to serve and assist women or people who menstruate. While women’s health needs have previously been overlooked, FemTech draws a focus on fertility, hormonal monitoring and oncology. This increased focus is observable with the significant number of start-ups globally, new divisions or subsidiaries opening within established firms, and a significant increase in investment reported.

Critical changes in legislation globally, including the overturning of Roe v Wade in America, has acted as a motivation for companies to increase accessibility to healthcare, and has simultaneously spotlighted key issues women worldwide are facing. Data is also becoming increasingly more readily available, to support research and encourage ground-breaking findings in this space, whether this is through increased research into women’s hormonal cycles, or new ways to detect breast cancer. New findings are discovered weekly – the faster discoveries are made, the quicker women around the world can be empowered about their bodies and learn how to battle and better understand the challenges that arise, rather than letting their symptoms, pain or diagnoses control them.

In the coming years, we can hope that this increased investment into the women’s health space, will deliver these long-awaited answers to women, whether they’re seeking reproductive assistance, menopausal education, or oncology care.

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