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Why you shouldn’t accept counteroffers?

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Why you shouldn’t accept counteroffers?

​Counteroffers can be quite tempting to accept, it’s the job you know and are comfortable with.

Many people want to change jobs, not only for the money, but for:

·        Wrong culture fit

·        Changes to the company structure

·        Have hit a ceiling or aren’t getting the recognition they deserve

·        Have become complacent and aren’t feeling challenged nor mentally stimulated anymore

Being given a counteroffer is a quick fix to a long-term problem that cannot be solved simply by a rise in pay. Employees should feel they want to work in that company, regardless of pay, and there should be many factors that make them want to stay there.

Some reasons why you should never accept a counteroffer are:

1.      Getting a pay increase will not change the job. The issues with the job that have caused you to want a change will still be there.

2.      You have not been paid what you are worth. If they are now willing to offer more due to resignation, why were you not offered this before?

3.      Trust between you and your employer has now been broken. This may limit your future growth in your current company as they will question whether they can count on you.

4.      Statistics show that if you should accept one, there is a 90% chance you will be out of the job within 6 months. During this time, you could have settled into a new position.

5.      Counteroffers are usually a tactic to stall you, giving the employer time to hire someone else (usually at a lower salary).

6.      When promotion time does come, the employer will remember you wanted to leave. Your commitment will always be in question & promotion is unlikely.

7.      A counteroffer is a blow to your pride, knowing you were “bought”.

8.      Is this counteroffer simply your pay rise coming early? If so, when everyone else is given a raise, you might not be.

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