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My Six-month journey at Metric Search.

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My Six-month journey at Metric Search.

·        Joined July 1st, 2021, after completing my MBA at The University of Tennessee and wrapping up my college golf career. 

·        Time to first fee – 1 month 13 days 

·        Promoted to Recruitment Consultant II – 3 months from start date

·        Promoted to Senior Consultant – 5 months from start date

·        Promoted to Principal Consultant – 6 months from start date

·        Placements made to date = 22

In addition to heading a new vertical (building automation) here at Metric I have also had the privilege of collaborating with the Life Science and MedTech teams here at Metric. I have successfully worked together with both Joe Jani (Life Science) and James Barra (MedTech) and thoroughly enjoyed the process of being able to add great value to entirely different markets.  The earning potential here at Metric is most certainly captivating. Over the course of 6 months, I had billed over $350k which equivalates to $100k+ in commission. My best moment was being inducted into the 100 club (billing $100k in a period) and forming fruitful, long-lasting relations with both Fortune 500 giants and start-ups combating climate change. It is rare to form such close friendships in a professional setting, especially in an industry as competitive as headhunting. My coworkers not only support me day in day out, but they also celebrate my success and are genuinely happy for my “wins”. I couldn’t ask for a more genuine and supportive team to be surrounded by. 

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