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My One-year journey at Metric Search

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My One-year journey at Metric Search

​“It would be hard to accurately portray a true representation of life at Metric Search with just a blog post, but having been here for a year, I would like to happily share some of my experiences in transitioning from a graduate into a Principal Consultant at Metric Search.

I should start by saying that I had zero experience in recruitment before joining Metric Search. My degree was in Sport Science, and I had spent my years following university pursuing a career in professional running.

Needless to say, as I was training to compete over the ultra-marathon distance, I wasn't short on grit and determination which were the character traits that initially drew me to the recruitment industry. I have learned over the last year that being a consultant is less about a particular skill set, and much more about your personal character.

The first few months of Metric Search were somewhat of a roller coaster - but one that I was sure I didn't want to get off! The small team that I joined were both welcoming and nurturing and showed me the ropes from day 1. I've learned a lot from working closely with my superiors at Metric Search who gracefully gave up a lot of their time to show me how to work effectively with both clients and candidates. Knowing that I am surrounded by some of the most experienced and successful recruiters in the space certainly rubs off and I think it’s the small company culture that influences that!

My first placement was a truly unforgettable experience. I completed every step, from finding the candidate, finding the job and monitoring the whole process. After this, I started to see the life changing amount of commission that can be earned as a recruitment consultant

One of the best things about working at Metric Search is the way that we genuinely celebrate one another’s wins, on a daily basis! However, my personal favourite is the monthly ‘End of Period’ gatherings. This was something that drew me to work here, knowing that I would be experiencing a feeling of ‘belonging’ from the outset.

Since that first placement I've been fortunate enough to grow in my skills and experience. I've developed huge amounts of confidence and have been able to progress up the ladder. Knowing there always is another step to reach keeps me wanting to push forward and onto the next progression.

I'm so grateful to the team at Metric for making my steps into this industry both fun and welcoming. I'm glad I'm here.”

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