How long do people normally stay in a job?

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How long do people normally stay in a job?

​On average, people stay in their job 4.1 years, this of course differs with the situation of the company & role.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics:

·        Median tenure for workers ages 25 - 34 is 2.8 years.

·        Median tenure for employees ages 55 - 64 is 9.9 years.

·        Workers in management & related occupations had the highest median tenure, 4.9 years.

·        Workers in service occupations had the lowest median tenure, 1.9 years.

If you are ‘job hopping,’ or, changing jobs frequently, many employers will question your ability to commit to a company or role, thus not considering you for an opportunity.

However, ‘job clinging,’ where you don’t change jobs, have a promotion or salary increase in a long period of time employers may consider you even less as they could consider you inflexible & not open to further success.

Most say, as a minimum you should try to stay in a job for at least 2 years with progression, this shows flexibility & open mindedness. Of course, this doesn’t include matters out of your control.

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