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11 ways you can improve your interview performance.

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11 ways you can improve your interview performance.

​Interviews can be daunting, even the smartest & most qualified prepare for their interview! There are no second chances when it comes to a first impression. These tips will help you improve yours.

1.      Practise good nonverbal communication. Making eye contact or connecting with a handshake can create a great impression.

2.      Dress for the company. Find out their dress code before an interview. If you can’t do this, dress depending on company culture, but always be well presented.

3.      Listen. Listening can offer major opportunities & allows the interviewer to observe your good communication.

4.      Don’t talk too much. Telling the interviewer too much could be a mistake, don’t ramble.

5.      Don’t be too familiar. It is not about making new friends; an interview is a professional meeting.

6.      Use appropriate language. Don’t use inappropriate slang or language.

7.      Don’t be cocky. There is a balance between confidence, professionalism & modesty.

8.      Take your time! Don’t rush your answers, and don’t be scared to be honest.

9.      Ask questions. Demonstrate an interest, and remember, interviewing is a two-way street. They’re finding out if you’re suitable for them, it’s your job to find out if they’re suitable for you!

10.  Don’t appear desperate. Be confident.

11.  Work on your answers. Research what the company wants & their culture.

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